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ESP-01 ESP8266 Serial WIFI Wireless Transceiver Module

Original price was: ₹549.00.Current price is: ₹319.00.
  • Compact and versatile WiFi transceiver module based on the ESP8266 chip
  • Supports serial communication for easy integration with microcontrollers and other devices
  • Built-in TCP/IP protocol stack for seamless internet connectivity
  • Low power consumption for energy-efficient operation
  • Ideal for IoT applications, home automation, and wireless communication projects

ESP32 38Pin Development Board WiFi+Bluetooth Ultra-Low Power

Original price was: ₹1,319.00.Current price is: ₹499.00.
  • Powerful development board with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities
  • Dual-core processor for enhanced performance and multitasking
  • Ultra-low power consumption for energy-efficient applications
  • Compatible with Arduino IDE for easy programming and development
  • Supports a wide range of sensors, peripherals, and communication interfaces

ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 Wireless Wifi Development Board

Original price was: ₹1,099.00.Current price is: ₹399.00.
  • ESP8266-based development board with integrated WiFi connectivity
  • Powered by the CP2102 USB-to-Serial chip for easy programming and communication
  • Supports Lua programming language for rapid prototyping
  • Can be programmed using Arduino IDE for a familiar development environment
  • Compact and user-friendly design for versatile IoT projects